8to8 Barbershop x ActaWorks

8to8 relied on traditional booking methods and was slowing their business down. With ActaWorks Appointment System, they were able to automate their booking system and provide a better booking experience to their customers.

Company Background

8to8Barbershop is Hong Kong’s top destination for gentlemen looking for a clean haircut or wetshave. Top notch skills combined with their exceptional customer service has earned them a 5 star rating on Google Reviews.

Operational Painpoint:

Prior to working with ActaWorks, 8to8 deployed a tailor-made solution made by a less reputable solution provider. User experience was poor and there was very little room for improvement as it was difficult to apply changes to the solution. The user interface was optimized for desktop only, and it was difficult for 8to8 to manage their appointments on their mobile devices. 8to8 also had to manage their payments & physical goods manually, which further decreased their operational efficiency.

How ActaWorks Helped:

With Acta Website and POS, 8to8 was able to manage the whole customer sales cycle with one solution. 8to8 can now allow their customers to make an appointment with their barbers via their front end website built by ActaWorks. Appointments are synced with the backend and in real time so 8to8 users can easily manage their appointments. With Acta POS, 8to8 is also able to quickly accept different payment methods for their customers, while having the ability to quickly upsell for some hair products! ActaWorks’ solution is also compatible and optimized for mobile devices, so 8to8 users can access their appointments regardless of where they are. With ActaCare service, regular meetings are also held to make sure ActaWorks are completely aligned with 8to8’s constant drive for improvement.