Acta Care

Acta Care

Acta Care is an added service on top of your subscription package. It is optional which means you can choose to self-implement your solution. However, Acta Care is highly recommended for the most effective and efficient implementation results.

Receive optimal implementation results and constant improvements from ActaWorks.

All ActaWorks solution packages come with a complimentary implementation of 5 hours. This ensures us to deliver a ready to use solution which includes basic configuration and data importation. For additional hours, please refer to our Acta Care pricing.

Personalised Support

Dedicated project manager assigned to your implementation.

Comprehensive approach

Implementation tasks such as configuration, data importation, training, and customisation (if needed) is deductible from the implementation hours.

Piece of mind

Unused hours never expire which means you can use remaining hours for general dedicated support.

Flexible implementation

We recommend implementation hours based on the complexity of your project. Hence, the more you keep your solution standard, the less hours it will take to deliver the project. This is a win-win situation as you can keep your implementation cost low and we can deliver the project to you as soon as possible.

Continuous scaling

Acta Care is not limited to implementation however, as most companies have additional requirements as they scale their business. You can purchase extra Acta Care hours as your business grows. The same project manager will be assigned to you so you can have your very own consultant through your entire business journey.

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