Actaworks Culture

Our employees are our biggest asset. We believe the more our employees grow, the more Actaworks grows as a business. Ultimately, our employees shape the culture and are the driving force of our success.

We strive to provide the most resources for our employees to take advantage of and the necessary freedom to utilize these resources. We try our best to avoid rigid framework, instead we have a few loose guidelines that have proven to provide the best working environment for our employees:

We take care of work related stress, you take care of work results
You choose the way you want to work, we only care about the results
We will align our goals with yours, with your goals as priority
You work together and build a strong team, we take your suggestions to improve

We constantly take initiatives to drive employees’ motivation and we specifically allocate resources to help employees achieve their career aspirations. Our latest initiative being Acta Seed Fund, where we help fund employees’ passion projects, in addition to setting up a panel for suggestions for employees who seek advice on building such projects.

We are currently looking for the following talents:

Social Media Marketing

If you are passionate about generating results via different ad forms and take pride in creating top notch content, we want you to join our growing team. You will be in charged of everything related to social media and we will reward you for the growth that you bring!

Account Management

If you are devoted in building long lasting relationships with clients and believe in the power of compassion, we want you to lead our account management operations. You will help build our reputation and take care of our loyal customers in the best way possible.

Project Management

If you are an expert in analysing customer requirements and have experience in handling time based projects, we want you to help execute the best project delivery in the industry. You will help us constantly improve our service and provide insights on what customers actually want.

We are looking to improve our culture by adding difference makers all the time. Should you feel like you can contribute to this amazing culture, please reach out to us at

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