Acta CRM Solution

Acta CRM Solution

Revolve your operation around your clients with Contact, CRM, E-mail Marketing, and Marketing Automation. Record and analyse everything you need to know about your clients.

Acta CRM Solution is compatible in all devices, including computer, smartphones and tablets. You can operate in windows, macOs, iOS, android environment.


  • Multiple views and filtering options for quick sorting and access to contacts
  • Effortlessly distinguish and segregate contacts with searchable tags
  • Automatically record chatter ie E-mail, notes, or activities
  • Truly client oriented with client history directly integrated within Contact


  • Intuitive yet flexible interface to oversee pipeline or go in depth into each record
  • Set up lead funnels from your website or designated E-mail that goes straight into CRM
  • Dynamic reporting based on client preferences, sales activities, or forecast.
  • Smart integration allows quick next action ie sales order confirmation, invoice creation, etc

E-mail Marketing

  • Create stunning E-mail campaigns with easy to use building blocks and themes
  • Effectively target specific clients by creating mailing lists based on customized criteria
  • Flexible campaign management with E-mail schedules, A/B testing, and much more
  • Powerful insights by keeping track of open rates, bounce rates, and other metrics

Marketing Automation

  • Customize advance workflow with actions and triggers
  • Schedule and test actions based on your workflow
  • Seamlessly follow up on your all clients with communication of your choice ie E-Mail, or SMS
  • Automation beyond marketing by setting up server actions within the database

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