Acta Service Solution

Acta Service Solution

Automate service tasks creation with Project, Timesheet, Sales, and Invoicing. Allocating resources such as team capacity and deadline has never been so efficient.

Acta Service Solution is compatible in all devices, including computer, smartphones and tablets. You can operate in windows, macOs, iOS, android environment.


  • Coherent overview of your projects and resources with a variety of views
  • Easily set up and populate project templates that streamline your process
  • Activate recurring tasks to minimize redundant communication
  • Seamlessly connect sales to your services and bill customers based on timesheet or milestone


  • Record timesheet with literally one click regardless of device
  • Tasks and time spent is synchronized without painful administrative work
  • Manage team capacity at a glance and reassign tasks with easy drag and drop
  • Powerful analysis of team performance ie billable hours, profitability, and invoice statistics


  • Fully integrated with Project so tasks can be automatically generated once sales order is confirmed
  • Simple UX with beautiful UI
  • Build and send quotations within seconds
  • online sales portal with customer access for previous sales record and project progress


  • Dynamic invoicing options ie invoice upon completion, invoice by timesheet, or invoice by milestone
  • Fully integrated with Timesheet for quick and easy invoice creation
  • Monitor outstanding invoices at a glance with clear invoice status
  • Ability to process payment online via Paypal, Stripe, and other payment gateways

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